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DigiON, Glaucoma Gone

DigiON Glaucoma Gone

A new & safest way of monitoring Glaucoma

DigiON is working on the principle of Applanation and Indentation that needs no anesthetic drops, no air-puff, or no specialized skill.
DigiON glaucoma screening device is developed for primary screening of Glaucoma. Device is well suited to use in large screening camps.​
DigiON is fully portable, non-invasive IOP monitoring anywhere, anytime. 24 hours non-stop IOP monitoring outside and inside clinic for Glaucoma patients and suspects, highly recommended not only for ophthalmologists but also for health workers in urban and rural sector.​
DigiON having a designed probe is very light make momentary contact over eyelid by gentle pressure to sense IOP automatically which is quickly display on digital screen, avoid any discomfort to patients.​
Can scroll history of previous reading taken, with a color display to perceive reading clear, allow safe and contamination free measurement of each patients.​
DigiON is very important asset for general practitioners, optometrists, occupational healthcare, pharmacies, medical personnel and for mass screening programs.


A new & safest way of monitoring Glaucoma

Non-Invasive Over Eyelid

No Eyelid Variation

24/7 Easy Routine Monitoring


Easy Maintenance Long Battery life

Risk free

Quick and Easy IOP Report

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