IR thermal scanner with datalogger (Desktop / Mobile App) cum Hand Sanitiser (1 lit.) – OKO iCare Solutions Pvt Ltd


IR thermal scanner with datalogger (Desktop / Mobile App) cum Hand Sanitiser (1 lit.)


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Contactless Automated IR thermal scanner for temperature check cum automated Hand sanitizer (1lit.) webcam provision along with Data logger having mobile & desktop application software COVID-19 complete precautionary product ready to install in Bus stand/Railway ticket counter/airport/Institutes/colleges/Schools/NMC offices/other public place (Wired & scanner battery operated)


Quantity based pricing table

MinMaxUnit Price
10 10015,000.00
100 100014,000.00


Scanner dimension 12 (L)X12 (W)X5 (H) cm, IR Thermal sensor obstacle & distance detector from 20 cm, Desktop/Laptop, application software, Mobile app, 5 m USB connection, Software and app download, Wifi Module for mobile, Power backup battery, Low Power consumption 5 volts. 1 Amp., Simple working beep sound when caught high temp., Include Application maintenance, Sanitizer body dimension 27(L)X 15(W)X 33(H) cm with 1 lit. tank capacity white color, wall-mounted, multiuser, operation on the electrical supply, Spray nozzle, Packaging & delivery included, 6 months warranty with maintenance without component replacement cost, webcam addition for image capture

Software Requirements

– Supported OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64 bit OS recommended)

– Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 2GHz or above

– RAM: At least 4GB physical RAM

– Camera: Built-in / External Camera